The Safe City Project has been making the city a safer place since 2002. Now its your turn to become a vital link in keeping our city safer.

In addition to the cameras in the city, the Safe City Project has an SMS service which allows everyone to get involved to make the city a safter place.

By reporting what you see, you will help to reduce crime even further.

What kind of activity are we talking about? Here are some examples:
• reporting individuals loitering at a bank or ATM
• reporting drug dealing or use
• reporting an abandoned vehicle
• reporting the public display of firearms
• reporting drunken or reckless behaviour or driving
• reporting street gambling

When you have information SMS it to 083 767 7233 (083 767 SAFE). Calls are at your normal sms rates (which will depend on the package you have). All the information received will be received at the Safe City Control Centre, where it will be logged and directed appropriately. Safe City will acknowledge receipt of your sms but as criminal cases take time to build, we will not be able to report back a direct outcome.

What Sort of Information Is Needed?

It would help to know all/any of the following:
What is happening - a description of the incident.
When it is happening - the date and time of the incident.
Where it is happening - the location... either a street address or even the nearest camera (if it’s in the CBD, they are all numbered).
Who is involved - the number and descriptions of the people and what they are wearing.

Partners in the Safe City Project:

Safe City partners

The SAPS, The Msunduzi Municipailty, Business Fighting Crime, Community Policing Forum and the National Prosecuting Authority are all committed to the fight against crime.

You Can Make a Difference
There is no risk to you, as your identity will not be revealed. But your help will make our city an even better place to be!


SMS: 083 767 7233/SAFE

Please note that this is not an emergency service - If there is immediate danger phone 10111 or your local police station.


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