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Writer donates journals to Cals
06 Mar 2013

LAST week, Stephen Gray — poet, novelist, playwright and critic — made three donations to the Centre of African Literary Studies (Cals) on the local campus of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The first donation consisted of two bound volumes of the journal Les Cahier du Sud, a French journal produced in Marseilles from 1925 to 1966, which cast an eye further south to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and other parts of Francophone Africa.

“They reflect French culture with an African interest,” said Gray.

Gray had a full collection of the journal, but when it came to his attention that the Cals set was two volumes short, he decided to fill the gap.

The second donation was an edition of Current Writing containing Gray’s paper on novelist and playwright Noel Langley, who also wrote for the screen and was one of the writers of the film version of The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland.

Langley was born in Durban, in 1911, and attended Durban High School where his father was principal. He died in 1980.

Gray also donated several of Langley’s novels to Cals.

— Witness Reporter.

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