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Messi: Gold left foot goes on sale, profits to charity
07 Mar 2013

TOKYO — A solid gold replica of footballer Lionel Messi’s left foot, complete with blood vessels and the swirls of skin on the bottom of the toes, is to go on sale in Japan.
The 25 kg statue, worth $5,25 million (R47,63 million), was created from a mould of the star striker’s foot by Ginza Tanaka to mark Messi’s record-breaking fourth consecutive Ballon d’Or award.
The company said the golden foot is due to go on sale today, along with a number of miniature versions and a solid gold plate of the Barcelona FC frontman’s footprint.
Part of the profits from the sale will go to help people affected by the tsunami that hit Japan two years ago, through the Leo Messi Foundation.

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